More about me ...

I've been into crafts since I was a child, messing around with clay, paints and plasticine - way back in the day! I started off sewing with my Mum, also had a go at knitting but was rubbish at that, have done a bit of calligraphy, embroidery, cross stitch and blackwork. My main hobby now is card making which I got into about 5 years ago having bought a kit in a sale, now I've got my own craft room and quite a lot of stash!

I made friends with a neighbour when we exchanged handmade Christmas cards and she introduced me to all kinds of things like embossing, die cutting and colouring!

I'm married, live in the north west and used to be an information manager but was lucky enough to be able to retire late 2014 - so now have more time to craft :-)

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